[Advaita-l] Is the idea of 'anAditva' logical?

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Dear Shri Sunil Bhattacharjya,

I would like to point out that manu smR^iti is in agreement with the sUrya
siddhAnta regarding the duration of human and divine years.

\EN{M1.66a/} pitrye raatryahanii maasaH pravibhaagastu pakshayoH |
\EN{M1.66c/} karmacheshhTaasvahaH kR^ishhNaH shuklaH svapnaaya sharvarii ||
\EN{M1.67a/} daive raatryahanii varshhaM pravibhaagastayoH punaH |
\EN{M1.67c/} ahastatrodagayanaM raatriH syaad.h dakshiNaayanam.h
 According to Manu Smriti 1.66, a human month is a day and a night of the
Pitrs (Fathers, ancestors) where the division is according to fortnights.
The dark (fortnight) is their day for active exertion, the bright
(fortnight) their night for sleep.

As an aside, that is why we see that people whose fathers have departed
offer tarpaNa to the Pitrs on amAvAsyA day when it is day time (lunch time)
for them.

According to Manu 1.67, a year is a day and a night of the gods; their
division is (as follows): the half year during which the sun progresses to
the north, i.e. uttarAyaNa, will be the day, that during which it goes
southwards, i.e. dakShiNAyana, the  night.

I could not find time to check the Mahabharata and the Puranas. Perhaps,
someone (including you) can give exact quotes to make your point. In any
case, in these matters, standard texts on Jyotisha (Astronomy) and GaNita,
such as the AryabhaTIya and the sUrya siddhAnta are to be followed, not so
much the Puranas.

The AryabhaTIya, another work of repute on Astronomy and Mathematics, too
agrees with the sUrya siddhAnta:

रविवर्षं मानुष्यं तदपि त्रिंशद्गुणं भवति पित्र्यम्।
पित्र्यं द्वादशगुणितं दिव्यं वर्षं समुद्दिष्टम्॥कालक्रिया ७॥

The solar year is the human (year). That human year multiplied by 30 is the
year of the Pitrs. The year of Pitrs multiplied by 12 is the year of the
gods. From this, it follows that the divine year is 12 times 30 or 360
human years.

I could go on, but I will stop, assuming that I have made it clear that a
year of the gods is NOT one human year but 360 human years.


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Divya varsha is Solar year. The 12,000 figure for a mahAyuga only
means that the unit of time is a year is for man.

Can you please give your reason for ignoring the fact that Divya
varsha is Solar year as given in the Vayu purana?

How can say that Manu Smriti is wrong?
How can you say that Mahabharata is wrong?

In my opinion the bulldozing is not the right way to establish facts.


Sunil KB

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