[Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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Before Jesus lived, there was no new testament. There was no quran before Mohammed lived. However, Vedas have been there in the present form as an oral tradition from time immemorial. It was there at the time of creation and previous cycles also. Even before Yajnavalkya lived, vaidhikas knew about him completely from the shruti. That he may have lived at some point in time is of no great importance to vaidhika dharma. That is not the case with any paureshya matham. Kumarila Bhatta exposes the fallacy of such sects.  

Regarding evolution, it is arrived at based on modern scientific methods, which is a limited version of pratyaksha and anumana. Modern science does not take in to account sabda pramana. We can't also say evolution was not considered because carvaka to vaiseshika, there are sages who gave that theory in some form. It was rejected on many grounds one of which is impossibility of evolution of dharma. 
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Namaste Subbuji,
What exactly did the Rshis do?  What was their role?  My guess is that
their role was in propagating the Veda, mainly for adhyayanam purposes.  I
know we are not getting the complete picture.  Maybe more questioning,
study, deliberating, discussing with mahatma-s and scholars, etc. is
required.  The present discussion is aiding such an endeavour.

I agree with you.  
Based on the sabdanityatvavAda and apaurshEya lakSaNa of shruti, there could be
vitaNDa vAdana that words of Bible & Quran are also apaurshEya.  The vAda could be like this.  
The words of Jesus / Mohammad *existed prior* to their incarnation.  So, Jesus & Prophet were only the medium through whom Bible & Quran were *revealed*.  And hence, apaurshEya.  
How to tackle this problem.
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