[Advaita-l] deva kaNa or God particle

krismanian at gmail.com krismanian at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 13:54:31 CDT 2012

What we call Brahman is the God particle. This particle pervades the  
universe and provides the force to hold
the universe together. With out this particle the universe cannot exists.  
This is the laymans explanation´üŐ

> At the outset I am no way qualified to raise any question on science
> related matters as I am below average student in this subject even in my
> high school days. Since yesterday there is a huge applause and cheers
> from scientists that they have 'discovered' the magic particle called
> 'deva kaNa' or God particle which is the main cause behind big-bang and
> something like that. I have read today's news paper, watched TV shows
> with regard to this but those explanations are just going over my head.

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