[Advaita-l] Sandhyavandana procedure doubt

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jul 6 02:49:16 CDT 2012

Self-moderation is the best policy.  However, certain things due to
slip of the fingers and tongue do come in a fit of emotion.  These things
imply that one is lacking self-discipline (i am no exception !) which
also reflects how much sincerely one is pursuing one's spiritual sAdhana.
Now, as regards the topics that are quoted out of context, one must be extremely
careful in using those words because it effects our vAk shuddhi.  
A great vedic scholar of AP Brahmasri Uppuluri Ganapati Sastry once gave a beautiful
commentary on sandhyAvandana mantrAs.  While explaining the reason of punarmArjana
mantra *dadhikrAvaNNO akAriSaM....*, he said that this punarmArjana mantra 
is chanted for achieving vAk shuddhi because of the utterrence of the word *shisnA* in the previous mantra "sUryascha manyuscha manyupatayascha..........padbhyAM udarENa *shisnA*....".
So, how much prAyaschittAs we have to do with mArjana mantrAs for attaining bAhya & Antara shuddhi for discussing the topics on strI and maithuna.

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