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1.Now karishye means I will do (for my self?) which is atmapedi 
form of the verb root Kru- to do; uttama purusha ekavachana 
It is kariSyE only ie., AtmapEdi.   The sandhya is for *AtmOddharaNa* and durita-kSayArthaM*.  So, when the brAhmaNa is doing his nityakarma & maintaining
sadAchAra, the jagatkalyANa follows which is why we pray that *gO brAhmaNEbhyaH
shubhamastu nityaM lOkAH samastAH sukhinO bhavantu*.
It is the paramEshwara saMkalpa that wherever the sad-brAhmaNAs are present, kalyANa 
is obvious.  There is a mantra in shukla yajurvEda which forms a part of brahmayajnA. 
It says that let the kshatriyAs, vaiSyAs, shUdrAs, the four-legged animals etc. be happy 
in my presence.  
In the similar way, the presence of jnAni is also helpful in the society.  He may or may not
preach, but the very presence of jnAnis, too, uplifts the humanity.  
As regards the *asthra*, it is the *arghya* which we give to the Sun that hits the *mandEhAs*.  Pls note that they are not destroyed.  They bounce back everytime during 
the sandhyAkAla.  And the arghya we give everyday make them to step backwards so
that Surya's strength get doubled thereby we get *brahmatEjas*.

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