[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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In response to below:

What if the "Guru" is against shastras. How do we know what is proper ? To give an example:

What if a"Guru" allows and calls these exceptions:

1.Marriage between a sanyasi and sanyasini.
2.A Braahmana Grihasta to give up yagnopaveeta.
3.A person in a Hindu jaathi  that is vegetarian to eat beef.
4.Homosexual marriage.

To extend this; can a person outside of chaturvarna, who is an exceptional case, be dharmically allowed by his Guru to marry a Braahmana's daughter ? Socially and legally, answer is yes; I'm referring to shastric point of view.

Ravi Chandrasekhara

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Jaldhar, I would agree with you on almost all the points you mentioned in
your combined response to various posters, but especially not on this one.
We are all entitled to our opinions as to what constitutes brAhmaNatva and
what allows the upanayana saMskAra in a general sense, but one also has
to recognize that there are specific cases of exceptions.

In Sri Shivashankar's case, it is a matter between him and the guru who
agreed to invest him with an upanayana. I don't think anybody else has a
right to tell him to take it off and do something else, just because such a
course of action would constitute a breach of his dharma towards his guru.

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