[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear Sri Subrahmanian, I think the matter has to be looked at carefully and frankly discussed by traditional scholars. The veda of the father etc. can be interpreted to mean that the veda inherited through oral tradition. Before the Vedas were divided, one perhaps studied all of it. Leave alone what happens after upanayanam. What is there before to say that a boy (won't go in to girl issue as yet) is conferred the rights only because of his jati? We see it being conferred by relatives when parents don't exist and if so why not by a brahmana to anyone he thinks is qualified?
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> Dear Sri Ravi, guna can be known through astrology at any age. Based on
> that, why can't one make an exception? There is no rule that a person of a
> particular colour or nationality can't be given yajnopavitha. There were
> dwijas in gandhara, dravida etc. Why not the US or Europe? There were
> dwijas who are brown, black etc. Why not white or yellow? Is there any
> mantra in the upanayanam ritual that says it is given for persons of so and
> so parentage or gotra?
> ISKCON does not confer right to vaidhika karma. It is based on Narada
> pancharatra to worship vigraha.

I might be adding a small dose of complication to the discussion.
Upanayana is done in the method stated specifically for a particular veda.
For example the Rg and Yajur veda upanayanam is different from each other.
And the boy is taught the pravara soon after the upanayana.  Here he has to
say: Rk shAkhAdhyAyI, etc. along with gotra, rishi, sutra, etc.  And the
shastra says: the veda that the boy's father, grand father and other
forefathers studied is the veda of this boy.  When the varNa, gotra, veda,
etc. of a particular person are unknown how will the purohit conduct the


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