[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Fri Jul 13 00:45:00 CDT 2012


Yes, indeed. And even those stories do not prove anything contrary.

Namaste mr sunderesan,

First of all, let me make myself clear that I am neither vehemently arguing
against the gentleman on this list nor am i concerned with anyone's

choice or views. I am just stating my opinion on the matter just like a few
others as I believe it could lead to some clear understanding and also
gives a


I agree with what you stated in your previous post, that we don't have a
centralized authority to tell what is right and what is wrong. Brahmanas
have lost

all credibility and people will only laugh and ridicule if anyone speaks
about shastras. Remember that, gurus/sanyasins didn't fall from the sky.

samskaras and the adherence to shastras practised with devotion in houses
of poor insignificant men have given birth to mahatmas. The guru of the

sringeri shankaracharya was from bangalore and not from a mystical vedic

Sometimes it really amuses me because other than jabala, there seems to be
no other example to cite to support the liberal view, if there is one.

Although irrelevant I am glad that you brought this up:
>Now, if any of us on this
>list wants to be very strict about rules and vehement about allowing no
>exceptions, then the first thing that person and his family should do is to
>give up eating at restaurants and office cafetaria with work colleagues
>and friends who are not brAhmaNa-s. The second thing to do would be
>to refuse to attend and recognize any interreligious wedding, even if it
>involves close family members and friends. Is this going to be possible?

Disregard for shastras have become inevitable in today's lifestyle and
people are forced to go against what is right according to the shastras.
Also there is

so much anxiety about even the basic needs of a person. I don't want to
talk about politics or the conspiracies, however I am concerned about the
developments in future, which could include physical violence or extortion
based on the slightest differences. It is not a big secret that the whole
world population is in severe debt already. Just for your information and
not at all to prove a point, I am going to join the sringeri mutt in a few
days. My intention is to create a sort of utopia for vaidik relegion. I
don't know how, I don't have a blueprint and I don't know if i am going to
be succesful. But I'll put my efforts honestly. And I believe, if we want
any solution to all the problems in the world, we have to take shelter in
the vedas.

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