[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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>  I intend to emphasize the point that the
> conduct (AcAra) of learned people (SishTa) is a guide for us in thinking
> about dharma.
> What an incompetent, half-baked person does after setting himself up as a
> guru or by
> having a guru status imposed upon him by others is not to be accepted.
> That is all. If
> you agree that what I am saying is correct for the competent
> sampradAyavit, then I
> have no desire to keep mentioning the general rules, which is known to all
> here.

I'm one with you on this. But, the label 'guru' is now applied to mostly
incompetent ones.
To be more clear, the guru who gives yaGYOpavIta to an a-varNI is not a
saMpradAyavit and is having the label 'guru' by some luck - is what the
questioner wanted to point in unclear terms by questioning. This is what I
Just that. Let this end here.

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