[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear friends,

For Upanayana of the girls the first basic rule has to be observed that till her marriage the girl will be under care of her father and in the absence of father she will be under care of her brother. So either father or her brother (if such a situation arises) will conduct the Upanayana under the guidance of the family-priest. In case the girl is adopted by someone else then it will be the responsibility of the foster father. Lord Ram's own sister Shanti was adopted by a friend of Dasharatha. It was the foster father who gave marriage to her, though Dasharatha did attend the marriage ceremony.

Secondly the ways of perfoming the Upanayana will be according to the sanction of the Harita Smriti.

Thirdly it is implied that the vedic education has to start with the Upanayana and that has to be imparted only by any of the above three guardians as the girls cannot be sent to the gurukul. That has the practice in the past. 

Sunil KIB

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Dear Sri Praveen,

I never said birth is an accident - no event is. I clearly acknowledged
that varna like the colour of the skin or the eyes is acquired at birth as
a result of karma in previous births. I think it is the nature of sukshuma
sarira. I also agree that jati is an indicator of varna. However, I point
out the historical fact that jatis have changed. Mandal Commission reported
3000 jatis whereas Manu Smrti reported 265 (if my memory serves right).
Manu himself talks about creation of new jatis as a result intermingling of
Varnas. He also gives the seven generation rule for a jati to change varna
through matrimony. There will always be four Varnas. There can be
countless jatis and madhams (religions). Before Mohammad came, there was no
Islam. But the four Varnas were there and will be forever. Humans will
belong to one of these four Varnas.

I am not talking about outward sattvic nature. It is the nature of one's
sukshuma sarira and well determined through horoscope. I know that some
traditional scholars hold the position that paradesis can't get  adhikara
for vaidhika karma. It is for them to show evidence based on shruti and
smrti. All the countries described in the sruti and smrti had all the our
Varnas thriving. AFAIK, There is no rule prohibiting paradesis whereas
there are rules prohibiting sudras. Without showing the rules, you can't
argue that dharma is violated.

I would also ask for specific rules prohibiting upanayanam for girls.

Best Regards
Rajaram Venkatarmani

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, praveen kumar wrote:

> Sri Venkataramani,
> These are all based on my discussions with late Sri Rangapriya desikan who
> was one of the finest exponenets of dharma shastra of the country.
> We can't think/act as we wish.These are all already fine tuned and
> regulated processes.
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