[Advaita-l] Are Vedic Characters and events fictitious?

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Subbuji - PraNAms
Without going into the explanations and extracted meanings offered for the words, names and characters found in the vedantic dialogues, I get the feeling that the explanations are offered to suite the original thesis or hypothesis. It is like you make a model and fit or adopt things to fit into the model. 
Personally, I discard all these as inconsequential but focus on the teaching based on the absolute truth, which is impeccably logical or self-consistent, even though truth is beyond logic. The truth is apurusheyam is a fact not based on faith or belief and not even logic. I am existence-consciousness is a fact. The rest of incidents how and to whom it is revealed is incidental. I do agree that if those are important for a student then they are. 
Just my 2c
Hari Om!

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>We find a number of characters like men, women, children, devas, rishis,
>etc. mentioned in the Vedas.  

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