[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Thanks for not blaming for unsaid words. Even then read reply.

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> Why is this shAstra-viruddha behaviour less shAstra-viruddha than
> the upanayanam of a Westerner being done by his guru?

I hinted already.

(1)non-performance is a-shAstrIyatva in case of dvija-s and it causes pApa.
In some cases they have prAyashchitta. Some pApa-s have no prAyashchitta
and dvija-s stained with such pApa are kept out of caste and veda-s.
(2)And, such dvija people, who are not performing duties, are not imagining
vidhi-s according to kAma, etc.
(3)And, they are not deceiving by propagating their imagination.

(1)Practices of these missions are not based on shAstra-s, so they are
a-shAstrIya. So, being not based on shAstra-s is a-shAstrIyatva of such
(2)They are creating(imagining) vidhi-s. This imagination is again not
based on shAstra-s. So, imagining independent of shAstra-s is again other
type of a-shAstrIyatva.
And their vidhi-s can't guarantee you anything. Why ? dharma is known by
only veda-s and those who follow it, either words or people. And, human
can't know dharma without veda-s. So, people following their such words are
doing that in vein.
(3)So, what they are doing is just deceiving in name of vaidika-dharma.
They use signs and name of veda-s and smR^iti-s and shA~Nkara-saMpradAya,
etc. and show to people that they are following them while they are
propagating something which has bases in duShTa-puruSha and opposed to
veda-s, saMpradAya, etc.

The word a-shAstrIya means : (1) not based on shAstra-s (2) based on
duShTa-puruSha (3) opposed to shAstra-s.
You can easily understand that all are applicable to mentioned practices of
these institutions while  dvija-s, who are just not following their duties,
are ashAstrIya in the sense that they are not doing their duties.
They are different.

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