[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Tue Jul 17 04:31:54 CDT 2012

praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Just as the entire blueprint of banyan tree is in banyan seed, similarly, 
blueprint of entire creation is in seed form.  

>  Yes, seed (brahman) is what is important here, we dont have to scratch 
our heads to know which branch has come 'first' from which part of the 
seed !! chAndOgya says this beautifully, sa ya eshONimaitadAtyamidaM 
sarvaM sa Atma tattvamasi (all this universe has it alone as its essence, 
that alone is real and that is the Atman (seed).  Whether blueprint of 
entire creation is in the avyakta form in seed or not is hardly matters 
for us, as we are more concerned about the 'essence' the seed itself. 
So, what all the ramifications are there potentially inside the banyan 
can be also be found with fully grown banyan tree also.  

>  what I am trying to say here is, the growing process is not consistent 
in the shruti itself because shruti's main purpose is NOT to systematize 
or channelize the creation process in an uniform order.

Similarly, when the creation happens, all the 4 varNAs 
spring up at once and these 4 varNAs are there potentially in 
avyakta avastha.  

>  yes, this is what it appears from the purusha sUkta, but if you see the 
creation theories in taitireeya, Itareya, mundaka, chAndOgya, prashna 
shruti-s etc. you would find an entirely different details of creation 
process.  Shankara bhAshya on the creation 'purpose' is quite evident in 
the sUtra bhAshya 2-1-27, here he clarifies creation theory rather aims at 
teaching the Atman alone as there is use from the knowledge of 'srushti'.

This is true from vedantic perspective and i concur with Sri Subbuji's 

>  You are welcome to have your opinion prabhuji, at the same time allow 
me to share my opinion also:-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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