[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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We cannot change sastras because of conversion. But my question is whether coming back is prohibited by sastras? I don't think so and have provided my arguments from dharma sastra, historical and logical perspectives. I have also pointed out Sringeri Periyava has said same minded with respect to Swami Dayananda. I won't call his action political as stated by Sri Jaladhar. If one doesn't know why periyava endorses Swami Dayananda, one should ask him - not make such comments, which are very hurtful to those who respect our traditional acharyas.  I also don't approve members speaking for Kanchi Mahaperiyava as if they have enquired the matter in detail from him especially when they can't answer my pointed questions on the topic.

I will stop here as it takes deep enquiry and intellectual honesty to pursue truth. Mere discussion won't change understanding if one is close minded. 
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Shree Rajaram - PraNams.  Please do not underestimate converters capacity to hurt also. In Goa people were forced to convert and when they were praying for Hindu gods in side their homes they were found and executed in public so that others do not do it. That was the coversion process. We had a swami who stayed in our house for a month giving discourses on Hinduism at Shree Siva Vishnu Temple. He used to teel me and my wife everyday that  - He has to tell us something that we may not like. After month after he left he called us told us he was a born muslim and he liked Hinduims and studied and took sanyaasa under the guidance of his guru and when many who came to know about his past, they ditched him and he thought we will not like the news. We just welcomed even with more enthusiam since many who call themselve Hindus do not spend time to learn and He devoted his life towards learning and preaching this. We have a saying - Rishi muulam and nadi
 muulam we do not want to know. What we have is praaradba and what we do with what we have is purushaartha. Prarabda we cannot change but by purushaartha we can become god-like - or demon-like. The choice is ours. The swamiji mentioned that his own brother-in-law who was a police inspector was hunting for him and is took a oath that he will kill him. 
The sad story is after many years we heard from his secretory that he was found a brain tumer and died and before his death he instructed the secretory to inform us with his best wishes. 
On the other side of the story we had in Andhra a converted christian as chief minister and he was trying to give away the  secred lands on the saptagiri - the abode of Lord Venkateswara - to christians. This is what I am taking about - It is not the number gave as one gentleman mentioned - it is simply our own preservation. We can talk all we want about sampradraaya and say there is no body can get converted to Hinduism but sit back and watch people existing from Hinduism and then contributing to the destruction. 
Gentlemen -Please open your eyes and see. Ideal situat is ione about one has to be practicle given the new situation existing around. Besides all the talking, question your self what are you doing to uplife and preserve sanatana dharma. There is an acharya Rina or Rishi yagna that is part of panca yagnaas that one has to do - That involves not only studying the scriptures and following but insure it is preserved too.  In olden days when every body is honest, and the conversion is based on clear understanding, the system was fine. Now we have forceful conversion and after couple of generations the converted believe that they alism is one thing but beingdid it out of love. One can ask any covertee whey they got coverted and they will give you some cock and bull story that the Chirstian fathers asked them to tell 
The ultimate truth is beyond all these - Understanding that is real purpose of life and that is the sanaatana Dharma. While in vyavahaara one has to operate intelligently too given the circumstances. Teaching of Rama is different from that of Krishna. Rama says do what I do while Krishna says do what I say; and in the process  asked Dharmaja even to lie in a way inorder to kill Drona.Krishna time is when Kaliyuga is already approaching where Dharma is only standing on one of the four legs. The adoption appropriately to uplift Dharam is what Krishna taught. 
jaati niiti kula gotra duuragam
naama ruupa guna dosha vargitam
deshakaala vishayaati vartiyat 
brahma tatvamasi bhaavayaatmani|
Hari Om!
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> Dear Sri Sadananda
> My best wishes.My cook here also goes by the name Lakshmi but believe me she 
> is a christian convert.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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