[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear Sri kman
My view is your tirade is meaningless.The whole issue was whether 
we-includes you also-can prescribe new standards for deciding the varna/jati 
and do away with what has been so far held by our scriptures-vedas and 
smrithies.It appears as unpalatable to stick to what has been held as right 
path in the changed circumstances of liberal thinking.As Hindus we believe 
in birth -death cycle and births are regarded as result of past karmas 
bad/good/or both.This was the fulcrum of all discussions and to be fair to 
the conservative stand point the position is unalterable.If one wants to 
deviate let him,but there is no sanction.You are angry and want to cast us 
all to Hell perhaps.And you call us stupid and what not.We are not playing 
number game here.If a mlecha wants to follow Hindhu principles he can do so 
without converting externally but observe in letter and spirit such 
principles which will earn him a next higher status in the next 
birth.Onemorething,our shastras are liberal in that punyam or papam accrue 
to one and all who follow the dharma prescribed for him.Probably you hold 
the view that it is all designed to oppress the lower varnas by the 
superior[!] varnas only based on births. R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> >Of course, one can talk endlessly about adhikArin-s by birth not keeping 
> >up
>>with the duties imposed on them by their adhikAra. One can talk endlessly
>>about whether the doors need to be perpetually shut against or thrown wide
>>open to those who are born in a family without some recognized adhikAra.
>>My position is that the doors need be neither shut forever nor thrown wide
>>open indiscriminately. A door can be carefully opened a little bit, in
> order to
> l>et in an exception or two. Once this is done by someone competent to 
> take
> s>uch a decision, other prior residents who are not doorkeepers should not
>>throw out the new entrants. That is all.
> I held back responding to this thread for so long. I could not take it any
> more. So here goes.
> Thankfully, there are no door keepers, probably it was designed that way,
> as they knew that
> natural evolution cannot be stopped by Smrithi/Shuri.
> For all you 1% ers clutching the Smrithis/Shruti can never attain Brhman
> for sure as Shankara himself has said. Even Shankara got enlightened only
> by a Mleecha, you can make stories that he was Shiva himself, even then
> Shiva did not find it beneath himself to be a Mleecha. So understand that
> enlightenment will not come in your cocoon i.e Shruti/Smrithi.
> This varnashrama held us down for 100s of years. It is hard to believe 
> that
> educated illiterates here
> talk about varna and Jati at birth. If that is so science could have found
> it by now.
> You all are counting the whole for the donut as they say. On one hand
> preach that we are all one
> and then turn around and say we are of 4 varnas. Stupid is what comes to
> mind.
> So much for Advaita, you 1% ers are a digrace.to humanity. You are nothing
> less than KKK or the right wingers.
> This news group has started stinking like a pig. God save Advaita.
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> Kman
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