[Advaita-l] {भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्} 'vyAsatAtparya nirNayaH

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Here is some information about Ayyanna Sastri from T>t>d Monthly Bulletin
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Ayyanna Dikshita.

Ayyanna Dikshita was the disciple of Sridhara Venfcateswara,
otherwise known as Ayyaval of Tiruvisanallur near Tiruvidai-
marudur. He seems to have been the son of one Venkatakavi,
author of Radha Madhava Samvada and other works and the
brother of one Alagiri Kavi, He says he was an expert in Vina
and also in Vedanta Sastra. He seems to have lived in the
middle of the 18th century. He is the author of Vyasa Tatparya
Nirnaya. In this work he raises the question "of the various
interpretations put on Vyasa's Brahma Sutra by Sri Sankara,
Bhatta Bhaskara, Yadavaprakasa, Ramanuja, Madhwa, Srikanta
etc., which is the one that can be regarded as the real intention
of Vyasa ?" In deciding this point, he adopts a new procedure.
He says that a proper decision in this case cannot be given by a
consideration of the various Srutis, Yuktis and Bhashyas, and
following the example of Vedanta Desika and Sudarsanacharya,
he takes into consideration the opinion not only of those
who are Madhyasthas (Neutrals), i.e., who do not belong either
to Advaita, Visishtadvaita, Dwaita etc., but also of critics of
Vedanta, namely Kapila, Kanada, Gautama, Patanjali and
Jaimini and also Pasupatas and Pancharatras and shows that
Sri Sankara's Bhashya which is Advaitic should be regarded as
the one that is after the heart of Vyasa. In the 2nd Parichcheda
of the work he establishes the non-difference (Abheda) between
Siva and Vishnu. At Venkatagiri a Vidvat Sadas seems to have
been held where he threw a challenge to the Pandits and
established the correctness of his view.


Sri Narakantirava Sastri was well-versed in Vedanta as
well as Tarka and Alankara Sastras. He was the Pro-
fessor of Tarka and Alankara in the Venkateswara Sanskrit
Patasala at Tirupati. He has written a god Tika on Vyasa
Tatparya Nirnaya of Annayya Dikshita.


Here he is referred to as Ayyanna Deekshta.  In the the sanskrit book
in telugu lipi he is designated as Ayyanna Sastry. Both can be reconciled
if Ayyanna Sastry performed a yajna and thus became Ayyanna Deekshita.


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