[Advaita-l] Cotard Syndrome and Brahman Realisation

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> On death, does the mind go to the next body as per our sastras?

Yes.  The sUkShma sharIra comprising of the mind with the vAsanAs/samskAras
are admitted to travel out of the present body to take a new body and live
out a new life there. A quick reference is the Bh.G. 15.8 bhashya.

Regarding the  other question:

//I would like to know the views of scholars here and our acharyas' views on
the effect of atmajnana on the body and mind.//

The Scripture is full of mention about the Jnani experiencing Ananda,
peace, etc. One immediate reference is the Bh.Gita 6.21,22,23.  In the
Taittiriya up.Bhashya Shankara says: These Brahmanas (brahmajnanis) are
seen to be so happy even without any (worldly) object causing them the
happiness.  You can also find such references as 'the bliss/joy one gets
from brahmadarshanam/samadhi is impossible to express in words.' in the
concluding portions of the book: Yoga Enlightenment and Perfection.

About the aparoksha jnani / jnanam and the Jnani occasionally 'losing sight
of' it, etc. you can see the various quotes I have provided in the past
from the Br.Up.Bhashya 1.4.10, the Panchadashi, etc. on this forum. The
Panchadashi 2nd chapter last verses say: In whatever condition a Jnani
might die, conscious or otherwise, writhing in pain, his Jnanam is firm and
the dispelled Avidya will not return.   In fact the Book YEP referred to
above too contains some of these quotes.



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