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All these five women are not of normal birth from the womb of a woman. They are technically in the supernatural category. We should not judge them through mundane dharma because they transcend it by virtue of their birth. We are used to egalitarian laws but Vedas rightly propose laws based on one's birth. Even from mundane perspective, they are  epitomes of pativrata dharma providing guidance to women of all times.  

The first is Ahalya who represents a woman who is unable to bear the torment of kama but she is free from her sin and pure because she underwent punishment and atonement. 

The second is Tara who had to follow the dharma of living with Vali and Sugriva. By doing this, she protected her son Angadha and the vanara race. She remained truthful to both Sugriva and Vali advising on dharma as a patni should.

The third is Draupadi who accepted five brothers as husbands as no one individual can match her qualities and this was the result of the boon of Lord Siva. There is no sin as it is the will of God and the dharma of those times allowed brothers marrying one lady. It is present even today in Nepal. 

The fourth is Mandodhari who was loyal to Ravana. Like the sages, who later appeared as gopis, she desired the Lord as her husband. It is her right as a devotee. So, she is not sinful.

The fifth is Seetha who by the power of Her pativrata dharma was inviolable mentally or physically by the most powerful Ravana. She is the highest ideal. 

I am happy to be corrected.
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The five famous Pativratas are Ahalya, Tara, Mandodari, Draupadi and
Seeta. Remembering them great sins will get wiped out.

 But there are questions.

1 Why are these five Kanyas? Are they Virgins?

praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy prabhuji
Hare Krishna

It seems you have innumerable ir/relevant  questions on women, sex etc. in 
this exclusively dedicated  advaita forum :-))  Anyway, since you are 
getting answer to your doubts irrespective of subject from the scholars of 
this list, I look forward to the better explanation/interpretation to this 
shlOka from Sri Vidya prabhuji, Sri Jaldhar prabhuji,  Sri Anand Hudli 
prabhuji, Sri Sriram prabhuji,  etc. No need to mention, after reading 
your explanation, I am also getting the doubt, how can these women be 
kanya-s & pativrata-s!!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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