[Advaita-l] lalitha sahasranamam book in tamil - new edition

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jun 8 15:17:12 CDT 2012

This is perhaps due to the overall inspiration and spiritual guidance of Swami Chidananda (Sri Subramanya Iyer in his Purvasrama).
A small correction in the above statement.
Shri N.Subramanya Iyer is not a sanyasi.  He was a grihasthA only and *chidAnandanAtha* was his srividyA dIkSa nAma.  It is not Swami Chidananda.
Pls note the correction.  He was lovingly addressed as *sir* by his disciples.  He was devi kAmAkSi in human form !  Shri Goda Venkateshwara Sastrigal belongs to this parampara only. 

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