[Advaita-l] Cotard Syndrome and Brahman Realisation

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> So what is your final position? Is the mind is distinct from body or not??
> My understanding is ahankara, buddhi, manas and indriyas are part of
> sukshuma sarira and distinct from the sthula sarira. On birth or
> conception, the sukshuma sarira couples tightly with the sthula sarira that
> we think that they are one. We associate mind with the brain because damage
> to the brain causes damage to cognitive functions. But the sukshuma sarira
> continues to function normally even after death whn it does not have a
> body.
Sukshma sarira does not function normally in absence of sthula sarira because the instruments of bhoga are not present. You may equate it with a state of something like dream where organs of action are not available.
> It even carries memories from one life to another. 
Memories are not carried from one life to another normally.We start with a clean slate. It is a rare/ abnormal phenomena of memories of past lives being remembered.

>I exist in deep sleep but do not see either the dream world or the
objective world. I don't think sakshi sees like we do as it is devoid of
Sakshi sees even better because it sees a bigger picture. I repeat indriyas are not required for sakshi to see because it sees by its own light.

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