[Advaita-l] Cotard Syndrome and Brahman Realisation

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Dear friends,

Yes. One can feel how a Jnani behaves if one  reads the Vivekachudamani. As regards understanding what a jnani can see one has to know that the Jnani remains in the state of Kevalajeevasamyuktam unlike the ordinary people, who can have the bahyendriyas controlled only in the dream state and can be only Chittaikasmajuktam at the most in the state of deep sleep. Even in their deep sleep the ordinary people may not be Jeevasamyuktam. This being so how can the modern-science compete with the Vedanta in elucidating the state of being of the Jnaai?

Sunil KB

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Moderators, can we please stop this particular brand of insanity?

Members, please first read advaita texts and try to understand them. I
am sick of these random emails connecting some scientific fact or the
other with advaita while at the same time showing a complete lack of
understanding of even things like sAdhana-catuShTaya.


>  I don't think low of insanity, which is just another disease. And
> definitely not judgemental. I am just asking with what does a jnani see?
> When his mind and senses are (dys)functional, what instrument does he use
> to see?
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