[Advaita-l] devotion in advaita?

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Shree Suresh - PraNAms

Several years ago a rational intellect wanted to know what is bhakti or devotion since he is not of emotional type and does not have traditional devotion like others have but appreciates intellectually the advaitic teaching. The response to that question is the following post that may answer your question. Instead of repeating I am providing below the url reference. 
Hari Om! 

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] devotion in advaita?
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> Namaste,
> What's the role of devotion in advaita? Is it necessary at
> all, or is meditation on 'I am' the only sadhana that
> matters? I can understand dualistic traditions emphasizing
> bhakti, but what are we to do as advaitins? It further
> confuses me that Sankara, Madhusudhana, and many others were
> devotees. 
> I just can't wrap my head around this bhakti concept, how
> it'd help us in realization, so some insights would be
> appreciated.
> Regards,
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