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Namaste Sri Bhaskar

>  praNAms Sri Venkatesh Murthy prabhuji 
>  Hare Krishna

I am trying to answer your below question how Puranic episodes can be
relevant to us.

>  thanks for taking trouble.

In Puranic stories there is first entertainment value. It is sugar
coating the medicine we have to take. If some body gives you bitter
medicine and says eat it it will be difficult. But if he gives
medicine tasting sweet every body will eat it.

>  Two points here I would like to mention here.  One is, if you know well 
in advance that you are giving 'sugar' coated medicines which you found in 
the purANik stories in the form of 'women & sex' to cure the vedAntic 
disease in us, you should tell us before giving medicines what for you are 
giving this medicine ??what is the efficacy of these medicines for the 
jignAsu-s like me.  And another point is, if you know the symbolical 
meaning of these purANic episodes, you should first teach us how vedAntic 
meaning in these purAnic quesitonable incidents closely knitted.  But I 
dont see any such vedAntik explanation in your earlier mails instead I am 
seeing you are just quoting these stories by throwing somany questions 
about the credentials of these celestial characters. 

>  Moreover, what you think 'sugar' coated medicines, is quite 
embarrassing to swallow for the other jignAsu-s who wants to be in strict 
adhyAtmic environment.  And to be frank with you, I dont know how many 
members of this list are readily welcoming you to offer your 'sugar' 
coated medicines for their vedAntic diseases!!?? If you ask me prabhuji, I 
prefer to take your 'bitter' medicines instead of 'sugar' coated ones as I 
am finding these 'sugar' coated medicines that you are offering now are 
'hard to digest' :-))

>  And now to your vedAntic explanation & my obersation. 

In Agni Svaha story I think the Principle is the Siva-Sakti Priniciple. 

>  I am sorry to say that you have wrongly chosen stories like agni's mad 
love with saptarshi wives & agni's discharge' etc. to drive home this 
sublime vedAntic truth.  there are better and more appropriate examples 
available to explain this principle. 

If Siva is united with Sakti he becomes Complete. Otherwise he is not 

>  For that matter vedAntic brahman does not depend on any external 
factors to complete its completeness :-))

The Saundaryalahari has said 'Sivah Saktya Yukto'. The Siva Sakti 
combination is same as Brahman of

>  vedAntic brahman is not combination of anything...it is ONE without 
second and there is no duality whatsoever in this nirvishesha brahman. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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