[Advaita-l] Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Fri Jun 15 13:04:43 CDT 2012

Like some Jnani may have habit of drinking very frequent coffee and
tea and smoking also. He may not stop them after Jnana
The prArabdha of the jnAni has been stretched too far here above !
The above statement determines the *svEcchAchAra* and shri sureshwarachArya in
Naishkarmya Siddhi compares as:
budhAdvaitasatattvasya yathESTAcharaNaM yadi
shunAM tattvadriSAM chaiva kO bhEdO(a)shuchibhakSaNE

If a jnani (advaita jnAni) behaves as per his own sweet will (svEcchAchAra), then
what difference is there between him and the stray dog which takes delight in the left over 
food in dustbins and gutters? 
The brahmajnAna is achieved by a sAdhaka who has vivEka, vairAgya and with the practice of shama, dama, titikSa, tapas, svAdhyAya, Ishwara praNidhAna etc. 
The stage prior to jnAnOtpatti is spent in piousness with respect to AhAra, vihAra etc. 
This is the sthiti of jIvanmukta prior to jnAnOtpatti.  And after jnAnotpatti, his sattva guNAs become his alaMkArAs.
tadAnIm amAnitvAdIni jnAnasAdhanAnyadvESTrtvAdayaH sadguNAscha
A jnAni would never trespass shAstra maryAda and he performs his duties out of 
intuition which is for lOka rakSaNa only.  
So, we don't know whether our beloved Acharya Sankara performed parakAya pravEsha or not because we are going by the second hand knowledge which is given in sankara vijaya. However, with this incident (if it is true !), we are blessed with a beautiful stOtra of lakSminarasimha called *lakSmI-narasimha karAvalaMba stOtraM* which we chant everyday.
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