[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Mon Jun 18 05:32:50 CDT 2012

Hare Krishna

In the BG 13.23 we have the teaching of the complete absence of any
possibility of the mukta being born again. Here a word 'sarvathA
vartamAnopi' ['howsoever he may behave'] is used in the verse. Shankara
comments: sarvaprakAreNa vartamAnopi: in whatever way he behaves. 

>  we have to be very careful while interpreting the bhAshya vAkya-s like 
this especially when shankara clarifies it in other way!! Shankara quite 
explicit in saying  yathA kAmitvaM tu vidushO atyantaM aprAptaM, the word 
'atyantaM' denies any possibility of the jnAni's engagement in svechchAra 
or dharma bAhira krutya.  shankara's statement 'howsoeve he may behave' 
does not call us to conclude that jnAni due to prArabdha (or whatever the 
reason) could sometime (occasionally & remotely)engage in dharma bAhira 
activities.  In Kannada there is a saying :  rAtri kanda baaviyalli hagalu 
biddhahaage.  When the jnAni, was in mumukshu / jignAsa / sAdhana stage 
itself given up all dharma bAhira activities, how can he engage himself in 
dharma bAhira activity even after paramAtma jnAna (or after becoming 
brahman to be precise)??  For the jnAni, when the shAstra vihita kArma-s 
are avidyA kruta,  how can this jnAni could engage in dharma bAhira 
questionable activities?? 

>  Who would act according to his will & wish??  shankara says, ONLY 
'atyanta aviveki' would engage in yathAkAmitvaM activity.  So, if jnAni, 
even remotely engages himself in svecchAchAra activity, that means due to 
aviveka only he does that.  That means the jnAna what he has is temporary 
& fluctuating and sometimes due to prArabha, he would become 'aviveki' to 
engage himself in 'yathAkAmitvaM' activity.  So, in short, prArabdha has 
the power to convert viveki jnAni to aviveki yathAkAmi occasionally!! This 
is what we can say when shankara's words 'sarvaprakAreNa vartamAnopi' 
interpreted in such a way to insist that jnAni also remotely engages 
himself in dharma bAhira / sva-Ashrama nishiddha activities. 

The commentator Dhanapati Suri 'bhAShyotkarShadIpikA' which brings out the
excellence of the Acharya's bhashya clarifies: even if he were to
transgress the rules of his varna and ashrama...

>  IMHO, dhanapati sUri's explanation here is far-fetched since shankara 
specifically says 'yathAkAmitvaM' is atyantaM aprAptaM for the jnAni. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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