[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara condemns Jagat Nimitta Karana Vada of Ananda Teertha

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What is the official Advaita position on other religions and vedic
traditions which believe the ultimate goal is eternal life with God? Many
devotees across traditions only aspire for a blissful eternal life. Do they
get it like getting reborn after mahapralaya?

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>> Does Advaita have the concept of eternal bodies albeit within the
>> vyavahara realm?
> Advaita talks about AdhikArika purushas who might occupy  celestial posts
> lasting  very long periods.  But this is also karma-born and ends when the
> prarabdha is exhausted.  In any case embodiment is due to karma and in the
> case of avatara, due to maya.
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