[Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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Subbiji - PraNAms

Wonderful explanation. 
I was going to write exactly the same as Vedas themselves declare that they are also apara vidyaa. In addition not only Vedas even the objective knowledge is also apourusheyam, as I think Noble laurate Dr. Chandrashekar put it, in that even the scientific knowledge is dis-covered by intuition. Intuition is nothing but a mind in meditation. The Rishis are also veda drashtaas as veda (knowledge) is revealed to them when they are in meditation. Intuition is like jnaana kshakshu.

My 2c

Hari Om!

> In all matters other than the Atman, the ONLY siddha vastu,
> no absolute
> finality can be reached.  It is because its nature is
> so.  It is pertaining
> to mAyA.  And it has to be so.  What logic we
> might rely upon is also
> within this realm alone and it is enough if it serves its
> purpose.  And the
> purpose is: go beyond the words and look at the
> spirit.  The true Acharya
> will point out to the spirit and let the true aspirant get
> the most benefit
> of it.  For, the purpose of the apaurusheya veda is
> getting him the
> knowledge of his true self and thereafter itself recede into
> the not-self,
> mAyA/mithyA.   Shankara explicitly says : the
> shruti has no real purpose of
> asserting creation; the talk about creation is aimed at a
> completely
> different purpose: to turn the aspirant's attention from the
> creation to
> the conscious creator. The questions regarding cosmology,
> evolution, etc.
> will remain for ever with one asserting and another
> challenging it. But the
> Self, when one realizes it needs no asserting and cannot be
> challenged
> either.  That is the end ( I mean also the purpose) of
> the Veda.  That is
> why the Lord says in the Gita: shraddhaavAn labhte jnAnam:
> the one with
> faith will attain Knowledge.  The logic the sampradaya
> uses is sufficient
> to make this faith work and take it to its logical end:
> realization of the
> Self and end of samsara, with which the Veda too ends, for
> him.  This is
> the message of the adhyAsa bhashya.  I have come to see
> the root of every
> question and every solution to be already contained in this
> peerless
> masterpiece.  The more we understand, appreciate, this
> work the less will
> be our questions.
> regards,
> subrahmanian.v
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