[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Jun 26 08:30:36 CDT 2012

What is the definition of a mlEccha and re all westerners mlEcchAs ?  Need to be careful in categorizing.  
Actually, that westerner who approached the Acharya was bent upon establishing a church in Sringeri and hence the teaching was directed to him alone.  It was this orthodox peeTa which is responsible for reconverting  couple of *mlEcchAs* into hindufold under the supervision of vidyAraNya namely harihararAya & bukkarAya.
So, *lOkOyaM bhAratavarSaH* says the amarakOsa.   If one possess the grand & noble vision of sloka *mAtA cha pArvati dEvO pitA dEvO mahEshwaraH / bAndhavAH shivabhaktAscha swadEshO bhuvanatrayaM*, one can take the westerners into the hindu fold.  Once they come into our fold, they become *shUdrAs*.  Let they undergo shUdra saMskAra as per shUdra kamalAkara mayUkha.  
Not to nitpick, why then chaNDI yAgAs & rudrahOmAs are being conducted in *mlEccha dEsAs* now with the approval of current acharya?  Why then vEda mantrAs are chanted 
loudly in loudspeakers when shUdrAs are not entitled to listen to them.
That aside, most of the westerners are extremely far better than some of the half-baked
hindus who boast of their heritage & culture and never care for sanAtana dharma. 
You know there is a saying in telugu and the true translation of that in english is 
*my grandfathers consumed lots of ghee; if you want to test, come and smell my palm".
This is how our so-called brahmins have become.

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