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Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jun 27 05:16:48 CDT 2012

There is no prayoga to convert one from one varna to another,neither there
is a prayoga to induct to sanatana dharma from other religions let this be clear from
dharma shastra point of view
I think my mail was not properly read.  I emphasized the word *shUdra* while converting the westerners into hindu fold.  Hope you understand my intent and spirit of the post. 
The prAyaschitta khaNDa of dEvala smriti has the method of conversion into shUdra
but again the so-called traditionalists who preach *touch-me-not-ism* brush it aside saying that it is not a prAmANika smriti grantha. However, my Rg Veda AchArya Brahmasri Narendra Kapre Ji mentioned verified from the prasthAna-bhEda of madhUsUdana saraswati and he vouchsafed the *re-conversion into shUdrahood*.  
If the re-conversion procedure is not there in dharma shAstra, then how come vidyAraNya re-converted harihararAya & bukkarAya to hinduism and handed over the vijayanagara empire and became their minister.  
By the way, every shAkta & dEvi upAsaka should be indebted to a westerner whose name is Sir John Woodroofe whose contribution to the tantra shAstra is commendable.  Had not not taken birth, probably, some of the ancient books on srividyA tantra, shAkta books would have been extinct by today.  
I, personally, did extensive research on the biographical sketch of this magnificient personality.  Sir John Woodroofe undergone tAntrika mahApUrNAbhiSeka rite which is the highest form of initiation given in tantra mArga.  He performed tAntrika sandhyAvandana 4 times daily and attained such a great heights in tantra mArga that that he was initiated into kAmakaLa mantra by dEvi herself through svapna sAkSAtkAra.  
Another great srividyOpAsaka was Norman Brown who brought into limelight the inscriptions of Siva Mahimnah Stava of Pushpadantacharya in the Omkareshwara Temple. The last few slokas are prakshiptAs.  Till Sir Brown discovered this, none of our scholars pointed out.  He was also a srividyOpAsaka who translated Saundaryalahari into English.
The first telugu to english dictionary was compiled by an english person called CP Brown and every telugu speaking person is indebted to him for his immense contribution to telugu literature.  He republished some of the extinct works in telugu and brought them to limelight.  And the same works we are teaching to our telugu children in schools.  Brahmasri Janamaddi Hanumath Sastry (whom i know personally) is taking care of this valuable library where Sir Brown's telugu works are displayed which include some of the rare research works on mahAbhArata, rAmAyaNa & telugu avadhAna prakriya, vEmana shatakaM etc. 
So, let us look at their samskArAs, their commitment levels, hard work & love for our dEvabhAsha & sanAtana dharma rather than brushing them aside as mlEcchAs.  
BTW, the word mlEccha is used in rAmAyaNa by vAlmiki in different sense.  

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