[Advaita-l] we will reformulate the vedic religion

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Jun 27 06:04:01 CDT 2012

This poor doctor has been waiting for a suitable match for the past 5 
years with a hope !

Hare Krishna

I dont think his wish is going to be fulfilled in this life time :-)) But 
he can give it a try at some remote villages or brAhmaNa agrahAra, like 
Mattur, Hosahalli etc. near Shimoga :-)) But I am not sure. 

If he is succeeded in finding the suitable bride, please dont forget to 
send me a marriage invitation, by attending this marriage, atleast  I 
would get an opportunity to have darshana of 'Adarsha daMpati'. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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