[Advaita-l] Brahmin bridegrooms not getting brides

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One year back also I wrote in below article the great difficulty of
Vaidika Brahmins living in rural places in getting brides.  The brides
are interested in comfortable city life like going to picnics, eating
in hotels and other nice things. The fathers of girls also want the
daughters to marry high tech employed boys. They want the daughters to
marry some foreign settled guy and settle there. They are refusing to
give daughters to Vaidika Brahmins and they want only high tech
salaried boys.  It is very difficult for Vaidika educated boys to get
girls. But even very traditional boys living in cities are struggling
to find suitable girls because the girls working in companies with
them are very modern thinking. They  will not follow the family
traditions and make the in laws very upset. They will not obey in-laws
and the rules of the husband's house.

This is all happening because the Brahmin women are becoming more and
more modern looking and thinking like Westerners. If this situation
continues the Vaidika Brahmin tradition will become very weak and die.
It is weak even now but it may become extinct. One friend told me even
Mattur Brahmin boys are not getting brides. In one traditional
matrimonial centre they called eligible Brahmin bachelors and brides
to attend the match making programme. Almost 200 bachelors came but
only 2 brides came. This is a pathetic situation. Who will marry the
198 bachelors?  If the Vaidikas are not able to marry and get children
the Brahmin population will decrease rapidly. They must be given
chance to marry and have children and spread the Vaidika tradition.

One Badaganadu Brahmin named Vasudeva Murthy told me Sringeri Swami
Sri Bharati Teertha has given advice to  Brahmin boys to marry
vegetarian brides from other castes if they don't get Brahmins. Is
this a correct approach? What is the Dharma Sastra support for this
approach? Kindly explain.

अद्यतनयुवकाः परंपरागतं स्वस्वकुलस्य वृत्तिम् अनिच्छंतः केवलं
धनेन्द्रियसुखप्राप्त्यर्थं ऐ.टी.-बी.टी. इत्यादि उच्चतान्त्रिक है.टेक्.
वृत्तिमेव कुर्वन्ति । प्रायः ग्रामीणप्रदेशीययुवकाः ग्रामान् त्यक्त्वा
बेन्गलूरुचेन्नै-आदिनगारेषु उद्योगान् कुर्वन्ति वसन्ति च ।
ग्रामीणप्रदेशीयकन्याः अपि नगरेषु लभ्यसुखानां कामनाभिः चोदिताः
ग्रामीणप्रदेशीय वरान् परिणेतुं न इच्छन्ति किंतु नगरस्थान् वरानेव |
कोऽपि पिता स्वकन्यां ग्रामस्थवराय दातुं न सिद्धो भवति । इयं
बृहत्समस्या ब्राह्मणवरान् पीडयति । समस्यायाः किंचित् समाधानं करणीयम् ।
शृगेरीमठाधीशाः श्रीभारतीतीर्थस्वामिनः एवम् समस्यापीडितेभ्यः
स्मार्तब्राह्मणेभ्यो वरेभ्यः उपदिशन्ति यूयं रामानुजमध्वादिमतस्थकन्याम् अपि
मांसभक्षणादिव्यसनरहिताम् अन्यवर्णामपि कन्यां वा स्वीकुरुत इति । इति
मया वार्ता श्रूयते इदं सत्यं वा न जानामि । अत्र
ब्राह्मणविवाहसमस्याविषये विदुषाम् अभिप्रायान् श्रोतुमिच्छामि ।



On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 4:09 PM, Venkata sriram P
<venkatasriramp at yahoo.in> wrote:
> Just out of the topic, hope again this won't spin off several posts !
> This is regarding a famous sampradAya pravachanAchArya in Andhra Pradesh (name withheld for privacy).
> The nephew of this acharya is a doctor by profession who holds post-doctoral degree and an accomplished surgeon.  He is a doctor who doesn't care for money and performs operations free of cost to the poor people.  Also takes nominal fee in clinics.  His intention is to uplift rural areas and make them aware of health & sanitation.
> Apart from his profession, he performs regular sandhyAvandana, shiva panchAyatana pUja, brahma yajna & swAdhyAya daily.
> For the past 5 years he has been searching for a suitable girl to marry but none of the
> brahmin families are willing to give away their daughters to this person.
> Do you why?
> The conditions of this doctor who is a sadAchAri are the girl should observe:
> 1. Should observe rajaswala niyamAs strictly as per the dharma sindhu
> 2. No parties / outing
> 3. No cinemas
> 4. No onions / garlic in food
> 5. Should assit him in cooking mahAnaivEdya daily for dEvatArchana
> Having listened to these conditions, none of the educated girls are willing to marry him.
> This poor doctor has been waiting for a suitable match for the past 5 years with a hope !
> sriram
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