[Advaita-l] Brahmin bridegrooms not getting brides

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Wed Jun 27 12:54:23 CDT 2012

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> The varNa of a person has always been a complicated
> matter and there has really never been anybody who could have claimed
> that all his relatives belonged to the same varNa as himself.

It is very true.  One can never be sure, maybe beyond three generations
backwards about the varNa of one's ancestors unless family tree records are
maintained. Someone known to me, a brahmin, has a close relative who has
married a non-brahmin girl.  He says: after six years of her living in this
house, she gets the varNa of this family.  I do not know if there is any
scriptural support for this.  In any case, I am also told that some
Peethadhipathis have said that brahmin boys may marry vaishya girls if
there is no other option.  But then what varNa does the offspring get?  I
suppose there are some specific varNa names for the offspring of such
marriages.  I remember to have seen some of these names in the
Br.Up.Bhashya/or gloss.  Someone may pl. show that.



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