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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 02:12:05 CDT 2012

Apart from his profession, he performs regular sandhyAvandana, shiva panchAyatana pUja, brahma yajna & swAdhyAya daily.  
The conditions of this doctor who is a sadAchAri are the girl should observe:
1. Should observe rajaswala niyamAs strictly as per the dharma sindhu
2. No parties / outing 
3. No cinemas
4. No onions / garlic in food
5. Should assit him in cooking mahAnaivEdya daily for dEvatArchana
Having listened to these conditions, none of the educated girls are willing to marry him.
This poor doctor has been waiting for a suitable match for the past 5 years with a hope !


Since we are on this topic, and possibly this can benefit many,
let me share some thoughts on this topic. 

Let us call the path described above, the R-path, R for "right".
And the other path, that is opposed to this: partying, outing, 
cinemas, ... let us call anti-R path, or may be simply, L-path.

One could adapt the teaching/ vidyA of ISA upaniSat here as:
The L-path alone leads one into darkness.
The R-path alone (eventually) leads one into deeper darkness.
Wisdom lies in simultaneously adopting the R and the L paths. 
By adopting the L-path one conquers evil.
By adopting the R-path one attains lasting good.

I will leave it to the inner sadguru within each reader to explain
this further.


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