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May I remind my friends that there is no question for adhikara in case of Bhagavad Gita.
Vedavyasa incorporated it in the Mahabharata for all.

Sunil KB

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I studied in a school in bangalore run by the Sringeri Sharada
Peetham. Its a CBSE school affiliated to Delhi. It has I guess almost
every modern facility you may think of and frankly much more than most
so called international schools. But facilities are not what I'm
interested in or talking about. The unique feature is that, we used to
recite a general prayer, some 20-30 verses of the Bhagawadgita and 1
shloka(usually composed by Bhagavatpada) each and every day for TWELVE
years, i.e right from lkg. There are no caste distinctions but its a
purely hindu school. Its an absolute brahmin oriented school. I used
to see all my fellow male brahmin classmates wear bhasma, mudre,
tirunama,etc. Girls must compulsorily keep a bindhi and wear
bangles,etc. In convents, students and even teachers would ridicule
this. Here, no one from other castes had the guts to ridicule us
because the management was more or less fully comprised of brahmins
from all 3 vargas. Right from small age children are taught ramayana,
mahabharata,etc instead of giving more emphasis on cindrella,etc. If I
remember right, in 6th standard we even had the kathopanishad, of
couse in a simplified form. The point to note is that these were part
of our curriculum itself! No separate hours were allocated for these.
If more and more schools like these came up in the cities, maybe it
would aid in the sustainance of brahmin culture.
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