[Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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There is a logically appealing POV re: (NON-) Authorship of Vedas.
It is NOT my view; but I remember to have seen it somewhere on the net. So the exact wording may be different.
The POV:
1.  In order to claim "Authorship" by any one for a product, an individual name, lineage (parentage) and so on, in short a distinct ID (for that specific person who has knowingly produced the work) should upfront exist and be available. 
2.  The ID comes with or is defined by the autobiographical information that the separate individual holds in his memory i.e. the autobiographical info.
3.  The autobiographical info. is the descriptor for the "person" providing him/her a unique identity. A simple traditional name for it is "ego" when the person is aware of it internally and flaunts it around for public view.
4.  An individual will be Jivanmukta only when he/she loses the "personality (mask)" of being a separate and distinct entity - that means he/she lost the identifying distinct "marker" ego within him/her.  He/she is not even conscious of "owning" a body-mind as his/her own.
5.. As a consequence of # 4 above, he/she has no sense of "doership" of the actions that are done by or within the body-mind.
6.  That being so, he/she has no claim of any agency of action whether it is eating or seeing, singing or writing, sleeping or excreting.
7.  Things just go on, something (we may call it the Sun) shining bright, something rotating, huge sheets of water (we give a name ocean) may wave, heart may beat, the lungs may breathe - no "one" with a distinct ID doing any of these actions.
8.  Let that Jivanmukta sing - he/she cannot even  call them "words" - some sounds emanate. He/she does not consider those sounds to be apart from him/her.  The sounds are himself/herself.  
9.  In the utter absence of a unique ID and any 'concept' of the emanating sound to be other than what he/she is himself/herself (perfectpadaartha abhaavana) , what name can be ascribed to the "Authorship or claim for Agency of action" for producing the sounds?  Who is there to claim authorship?
10.  The sounds may get recorded by some others who see and consider themselves still to be separate  and distinct from (i) the sounds and also (ii)  the producer of the sounds when those others 'think' that the sounds are helpful in the amelioration of misery.
I am not sure if this POV has already been considered by the discussants.
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