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Dear Sri S.Jayanarayanan
The panchangam usually provides the duration of the nakshathram during the 
day.If theduration is morethan 50% that day can be taken as the day of the 
particular star.Our days begin with Suryodhayam to Surya asthamanam.One 
rider to this: In polar regions it may be difficult to go by this 
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I need some help in determining a person's Nakshatra Birthday using a 
Panchangam. For example, let us take a hypothetical case of a person who has 
Visakha Nakshatra and whose "solar" (or Western) birthday falls on July 3. 
What date does this person's Star Birthday fall on this year?

I typically use the "Himalayan Academy" Panchangam that is available at 
http://www.himalayanacademy.com/resources/panchangam/ for a specific 
location. Since they provide full PDF files for cities throughout the globe, 
they are very useful. Suppose we are discussing the location of California 

According to this Panchangam, there are two days on which the Visakha 
Nakshatra falls on this year: June 29 & 30, details given below for San 
Jose, California. So is the Nakshatra Birthday 29th or 30th?

Friday, June 29, 2012
Nandana Nama Samvatsare Dakshinaya Nartana Ritau Mithuna Mase Sukla Pakshe 
Sukra Vasara Yuktayam
Svati/Visakha Nakshatra Siddha Yoga Vanija/Visti* Karana Ekadasi Yam Titau

Gulika 6:39AM 8:29AM Svati Until 11:42AM
Yama 3:50PM 5:40PM Siddha Until 8:03PM
Rahu 10:20AM 12:10PM Vanija Until 12:26PM
Ekadasi Until 10:43PM

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Nandana Nama Samvatsare Dakshinaya Nartana Ritau Mithuna Mase Sukla Pakshe 
Manta Vasara Yuktayam
Visakha/Anuradha Nakshatra Sadhya Yoga Bava/Balava Karana Dvadasi Yam Titau

Gulika 4:50AM 6:40AM Visakha Until 9:40AM
Yama 2:00PM 3:50PM Sadhya Until 4:43PM
Rahu 8:30AM 10:20AM Bava Until 9:37AM
Dvadasi Until 7:54PM

Thanks in advance,

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