[Advaita-l] Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Thanks Vidyasankarji,  for naming the places where Pulinbihari Chakravarty as well as Ramshankar Bhattacharya et.al. compared Jayamangala and Tattvakaumudi. I shall check that at leisure, though I am sceptical if they could establish the denouncement of Sankara's authorship of Jayamangala on the basis of the work of Vacaspati Misra. As regards the Rajavartika quoted by Vacaspati Misra the only available Rajavartika was  a work on a scripture on Jainism and it was composed by a Jaina scholar, who lived in the 8th century CE.. (ie. about  a century before Vacaspati Mishra). You may be knowing that Jainism is based on Samkhya. It is a pity that  none of the scholars on Indian philosophy looked at this till now. It is quite possible that Vacaspati Misra was a jaina himself though he had learnt the six darshanas.

As regards the comments of those scholars on comparison of Jayamangala with Gaudapadabhashya I shall certainly read that up to see what they had to say and check if  they could doubtlessly establish that Jayamangala could not have been authored by Adi Sankara.

Only if you think it desirable to continue the discussions further I shall come back on it with my findings. It seems this topic is discussed between you and me only.

Sunil KB.

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> 1)
> It will be very kind of you  if you can disclose this as to who are the people who compared Jayamangala with Tattvakaumudi. and where did they do that?

Pulinbihari Chakravarty, 1951, Origin and development of samkhya thought, Munshiram
Manoharlal Publishers; Ram Shankar Bhattacharya, Gerald Larson and Karl Potter, 1987,
Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, vol. 4, just to name two books and their authors. If
you go to http://books.google.com and type in jayamangala, samkhya, sankara as search
terms, you will get a lot more.

> (2)
> Is there any reason why people did  not compare Jayamangala with Gaudapada's bhashya on Sankhyakarika?

See above two books and references therein. Scholars have indeed done the comparison.

> (3)
> Have you or any other scholar  cross-checked from the Rajavartika as to the veracity of the quote from that book (Rajavartika) in the Tattvakaumudi ?

How can veracity be ascertained when the said rAjavArttika is not available? What vAcaspati
miSra quotes is not from bhoja's vArttika on yogasUtrabhAshya. At most, all we can say is
that a book that was available to vAcaspati miSra has not survived through time. Do you find
any reason to doubt the idea that vAcaspati miSra did have access to such a text?

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