[Advaita-l] Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Mon May 7 06:29:49 CDT 2012

Namaste Sri Vidyasankar

One question about Yoga practice is bothering me very much. This is a
practical question about Asanas, Pranayama, breath control. Kindly
answer -

What is the correct position-s of Scholars? Multiple choices may be correct.

A  Yoga practice like Asanas, Pranayama Meditation is absolutely a
must for Brahmins doing Advaita Sadhana.

B  Yoga practice is good and helpful but not absolutely a must for
success in Advaita Jnana Marga.

C Yoga practice is not necessary. It is irrelevant for Advaita Jnana Marga.

D  It depends on Prarabdha. For some people in Advaita Marga Yoga
practice is absolutely a must. For other people it is not at all
necessary. For other people it helps them.

E  Yoga practice is helpful in beginning stages but not in advanced
stages of Advaita Sadhana.

F Yoga practice is helpful in advanced stages but not beginning stages.

G Yoga practice is necessary for Sannyasis but not for Gruhasthas.

H Yoga practice is necessary for Gruhasthas but not Sannyasis.

I Yoga Practice is necessary for all Ashramas.

J  Yoga practice is helpful for Brahmins to do Nitya Karmas properly.
In beginning of Sandhyavandana, Puja and others there is Acamana and

K Yoga practice is helpful for Mental Concentration. To study Advaita
it is useful.

L Yoga practice is helpful only for Sattvic Diet people. If they are
eating Non Veg and taking Drinks it will not help.

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 1:04 AM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan
<svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> When Gita is saying Sankya and Yoga it is not always the Sankhya and
>> Yoga Darshanas but may be different.
>> It is appearing Sankhya and Yoga are used in with many meanings. It is
>> good to give a list of all meanings for Sankhya and Yoga.
> Yes, there are multiple meanings in which these terms are used. However,
> merely listing the possible meanings is not going to be of any use. What is
> more important is to understand the context in which a particular meaning
> applies. When someone posts with specific quotations and translations from
> one of the texts, what they are providing is that context.
> If you pay close attention to the details, these questions will not arise.
> Regards,
> Vidyasankar



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