[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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>> Adi Sankara's Sukshma Sarira entered into the King's body OR only the
>> Atma? Because if only Atma there is no fear of losing Brahmacharya.
>> There is no effect of enjoying by body on Atma. It is a witness only.
> I can't help but be amused by the amount of attention this one story
> gets. Some people are extremely uncomfortable with the very fact
> that the story exists in the Sankaravijaya texts, others have an interest
> in it that borders on the prurient!
Because it is very interesting people are attracted to this. Other
Mata Gurus like Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya could not do this
supernatural trick.

But we have to do very Sukshma Vichara to analyse this story and not
avoid discussion. Sri Sunil is saying Vajroli will pull in lost seed
and protect Brahmacharya. But we have to see seed loss was happening
in the King's body but not Adi Sankara's body.  If Adi Sankara's
Sukshma Sarira is in King's body will the effect of seed loss be on it
after it comes back to Adi Sankara's body? This is one question. If
there is effect of seed loss on Adi Sankara's  Sukshma Sarira  he has
to do Vajroli in King's body. He has to take back the seed. Did he do

But if there is no effect of loss of seed on Sukshma Sarira after it
comes back to original body he may do Vajroli to pull up Kundalini
Sakti and to make it flow upwards. Because the thoughts and memories
of enjoyment will still be there in the Sukshma Sarira. Even the
thoughts and memories will make the Kundalini Sakti flow downwards.
Then he has to do Vajroli to pull up the Kundalini.

Vajroli is a most powerful Yogic exercise to pull up the Kundalini.
Very advanced Yogis know how to do it.

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