[Advaita-l] Need of Reference

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 09:55:39 CDT 2012

Dear Sri Werlings,
I do not think there is a direct statement to the effect "I am doubt," but only
an indirect one, beccause doubt is a function of the mind.
In gItA chapter 10, SrI kRshNa says, indriyANAM manaS cAsmi - among the
senses, I am mind. The standard bhAshya explanation of manas, which occurs
not only here, but also in numerous other places, is saMkalpa-vikalpa-Atmaka.
One of the meanings of the word vikalpa is doubt. I think this is the closest
reference one can find.
Cf. bRhadAraNyakopanishat, where kAma, saMkalpa, vicikitsA, etc are said to
be nothing but mind (etat sarvaM mana eva). The word vikalpa is not found
here, but the word vicikitsA does mean doubt.
Best regards,

> Once again I am in need of your help for a reference, which I have lost:
> as far as I remember, I read some 50 years ago in one on the gItA-s that
> shrii Krishna would have declared about himself "I am doubt".
> In spite of all my endeavors, I could not trace the exact reference for this
> statement. In the shriimadbhagavadgItA and in the anugItA, there occurs in
> several instances expressions like na san.shaya, but I could not trace
> anything like sa.nshayamasmi.

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