[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara Vs Vyasa Debate in Sankara Dig Vijaya

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This is what happens when stories meant for amusement or fun or stories meant to illustrate a point are taken to be true.
In Telugu there is a saying which reads something like this when translated "Much study, made him lose simple common sense" or "Too much study, made him lose his mind"
This seem to be the state of affairs now among those few left who are intent to continuing their traditions. 
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Adi Sankara met and argued with Vyasa regarding Brahma Sutra.  But in
Madhva history Madhvacharya met Vyasa became his disciple and learned
Brahma Sutra.

Some people are arguing like this - Why was there a big argument with
Vyasa by Sankara? Because Sankara's view of Brahma Sutra and Vyasa's
view were not coinciding. But he was not willing to become Sishya of
Vyasa and learn. Instead of doing that he argued with Vyasa. This is
showing Sankara Advaita is not agreeing with Brahma Sutra. Even the
author of Sankara Dig Vijaya Madhava Vidyaranya is accepting this
point. Madhvacharya learned the Brahma Sutra directly from Vyasa and
wrote his Bhashya.

How can we answer this argument?


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