[Advaita-l] 'TattvabodhaH' In Diagram

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Sat May 26 20:53:48 CDT 2012

If I click the link, I am getting the following error and I am unable to see the file:

Document Not Found
The document you requested could not be found.

-- durga

> Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 07:11:54 +0530
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] 'TattvabodhaH' In Diagram
> The text 'TattvabodhaH' is studied as a preliminary to Vedanta.  A  number
> of important concepts of (Advaita) Vedanta are incorporated in this text
> making its study a very useful one.  Here is a Diagrammatic representation
> of the several aspects of the text.  It is uploaded as a file in the
> Advaitin List:
> http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/kJvAT7al80XrNdCm-dJcEuzhDfLL25aYvFgGmR6O2D6usPc8JipTVjT4y9WSU4yfEK7sNx4nqpopFx_NnA/Tatva%20Bodham%20Diagramatically.docx.pdf
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