[Advaita-l] Sanskrit translation of means of liberation

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Sun May 27 19:47:26 CDT 2012

Guy Werlings wrote:

By the way, which would be the exact,
explicit and accurate Sanskrit wording

for "means of liberation"?
Could it be mokSArtha or mokSopAya?


Bonjour Guy,

I would use Suresvara’s own expression mokṣasādhanam,
which is found in a beautiful traditional verse he obviously likes so much that
he uses it 3 timesat SV 215, BUBV 1.4.411 and BUBV 2.4.23, which praises
renunciation as the highest means:

eva hi sarveṣām mokṣasādhanam uttamam ,

tyajataiva hi tajjñeyam tyaktuḥ
pratyakparam padam ॥[SV.215, BUBV 1.4.411, BUBV 2.4.23]

Renunciation is the best
of all means to liberation

For only he who renounces can know it, the supreme abode,
which is the inner self of the renouncer himself.

This should further help
you understand how the advaita tradition of Shankara will present the inner
truths of the Upanishad verses you are translating



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