[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> Explanations / justifications like this can be given on any person's
> questionable activities.
Anybody on the street cannot become Adi Sankara. We are all bound by
Dharma. Anybody cannot do what he pleases. But a Jeevan Mukta is above
Dharma and Adharma. He has become the Supreme. There cannot be any
laws for him.

> First of all a brahmavida, paramArtha jnAni,
> does not have to do the saNkalpa to do parakAya pravesha that to satisfy
> the totally irrelevant question on kAma shAstra asked by an orthodox
> gruhiNi to the para puruSha and saNyAsi.
A Jeevan Mukta can do what he pleases. We don't have the right to
question his activities.

> Secondly, a jeevan mukta does
> not engage himself dharma bAhira, nishiddha karma-s.  Because for him even
> dharma vihita, vedOkta karma-s itself avidyAtmaka.  Shankara clarifies
> clearly in his brahma sUtra bhAshya.
But if he engages in any activity we cannot question it. Because all
his Agami Karma has burned up. What he does will not have any effect
on him. Only Prarabdha Karma is functioning.

> Thirdly, a jnAni, in whose
> antaHkaraNa, there is no katrutva bhOktrutva bhAva, does not have to do
> any yOgic exercises (like vajrOli) to maintain brahmacharya.
This I have answered before. Adi Sankara will not need Vajroli. If
some other Yogi but not Jeevan Mukta enters into another man's body
and enjoying women like that his Brahmacharya will be destroyed.
Because his Mind is also enjoying the acts with women. When he comes
back to his original body the Mind will have Memory of those acts.
This will make him Impure and his Kundalini Sakti will flow downwards.
For Brahmachari the Kundalini has to flow upwards. To make it to flow
upwards the Yogi has to do Vajroli. Vajroli will make the Kundalini
Sakti flow Upwards. Vajroli will stop Veerya Skhalana.

> It also does
> not mean a saNyAsi/jeevan mukta can 'enjoy' stree sanga any no. of times
> without losing his brahmacharya.
He can enjoy as much as he can if he is a Jeevan Mukta but not if he
is Yogi only. This is the difference between them.

> In short, what shankara did in
> shareerAntara (king's body) is sva-varNAshrama viruddha.  padmapAda,
> hence,  rightly asks shankara vratamasmadeeyamatulaM kva mahat, kva cha
> kAmashAstraM atigarhyaM idaM??  tadapeeshyate bhagavataiva yadi,
> hyanavasthitaM jagadihaiva bhavet.  mAdhava did clarify these doubts in
> his shankara vijaya, but those clarifications again not so convincing &
> according to vedAnta prakriya.
Kindly see above.

> So, IMO, instead of scratching our heads about these debatable incidents,
> we have to try to understand bhagavadpAda's noble personality through
> svayaM virachita bhAshya-s only.
There is some value in the Sankara Vijaya granthas also.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar



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