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Wed May 30 16:32:36 CDT 2012

You are commenting on Ramayana. It shows that commentaries are required
(preferably by acharyas) or we will have misunderstanding. You may say that
it is obvious and I did not get it. Let us see if it is so. Rama says that
Ravana could not lay his hands on Sita even in thought. ( rf. 118.18). Then
how do you say Ravana did carry Sita? I am confused whether I should take
your conclusion or Rama's!

On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Venkata sriram P wrote:

> //
> let me ask the inconvenient question
> //
> The statements like the one above demonstrates height of perversion.
> How can one expect a mahAsAdhvi like Mother Sita like that who conversed
> with
> rAvaNa by placing a darbhA grass between them because rAvaNa was
> para-puruSa.
> Are you not aware of the incident of rAvaNa kidnapping Mother Sita and
> lifting Her
> with his arms and carrying on his shoulder.  She almost fainted that
> time.  During
> this moment only, Mother Sita touched rAvaNa and that too when she was
> unconscious.
> Mother Sita was referring to the above incident of kidnapping.
> Even to think of Mother Sita in such a way is a sin and one has to perform
> prAyaschitta !
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