[Advaita-l] Books on Bhagawatham.

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 08:23:37 CDT 2012

If we start looking at the inconsistencies in the Ramayana,we can find many.It is said that Rama,sita and Lakshmana wore the wood fibre(maravuri) before they went to the forest and Sita didnot wore any ornaments.Then how did Sita went on throwing her ornaments so that Rama could find the path of Ravana's wa of kidnapping.We know Hanuman was a Brahmachari,and Valmiki Ramayana states that when he saw  the antahpura of Ravana he saw many damsels with their clotes in disorder,and Hanuman was for a minute experienced a feeling of sensuality.How can Hanuman,the pinnacle of celibacy.felt an amorous feeling on seeing the damsels with disordered robes?We can only give an excuse to Valmiki as poetic justice,Valmiki being a poet,and the erotic description by a poet like Valmiki or Kalidasa can be allowed,in a kavya like Ramayana or Mahabharatha.Also,a Kavya like Ramayana cannot be fully dry and the amorous description by a poet is fully justified.It is like the
 erotic sculptures out side a temple.If the sculptors consider the temple to be holy,then why did they carve these erotic sculptures which are atrocious.
Another satisfactory explanation as per the statement of Rama himself  is that Sita had a protective covering of her Pathivratha dharma,so that Ravana could not touch her and possess her,let alone have an amorous intention.

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