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> Dear Sri Sunil,
> Please refer to Valmiki Ramayana Ayodhya Kanda sarga 39, SlOka-s 15 to 17.
> vaasaamsi cha mahaarhaaNi bhuushaNaani varaaNi cha |
> varSaaNyEtaani samkhyaaya vaidehyaaH kshipramaanaya ||
> narEndrENa evamuktastu gatvaa koshaagRiham tataH |
> praayacchat sarvam aahRitya seetaayai kshipramEva tat ||
> saa sujaataa sujaataani vaidehee prasthitaa vanam |
> bhooshayaamaasa gaatraaNi tairvicitrairvibhooshaaNaiH ||
> In these SlOka-s, It is said DaSaratha ordered for ornaments to be brought
> for Sita. Sita wore them and set out for the forests.
> Also, refer to Aranya Kanda the sarga-s where Ravana comes to kidnap Sita.
> He talks lecherously and describes the ornaments she was wearing at time.
> If you are not satisfied with the above reference I can fetch you the
> kidnap episode SlOka-s also.
> -Sarma

I think it was Sage VasishTha who rebuked Kaikeyi for ordering Sita too to
be sent with cheera-nAra and without ornaments.  Also, while in the forest,
the trio visited Sage Matanga, I think, and this Sage's wife bedecked Sita
with many of her own ornaments.  All this was on Sita's person while being

Hanuman was carrying out his Master's command, engaged in the search
for Mother Sita in Lanka. It was much before day-break and Hanuman
was inside Ravana's harem, the quarters for the female members of
the royalty. He had not seen Sita before, yet he hoped he could
identify Her for he believed She is definitely different from the
Rakshasa clan. On his search in every part of that vast premises,
he beheld many sleeping belles. Now, Hanuman is a Naishthika
Brahmachari, on the vow of celibacy for life. It is improper for
such celibates to behold women in sleeping posture. He became
conscious of this dharma for a Brahmachari and suddenly entertained
a doubt if he was not incurring sin by beholding sleeping belles. He
quickly got a reply from the deep recesses of his own mind:

मनो हि हेतुः सर्वेषां इन्द्रियाणां प्रवर्तने ।

शुभाशुभास्ववस्थासु तच्च मे सुव्यवस्थितम् ॥

Mano hi hetuH sarveshaam indriyaanaam pravartane |
Shubha-ashubhaasvavasthaasu taccha me suvyavasthitam ||

The mind indeed is the cause of the functioning of the senses in
righteous and unrighteous states and that mind of mine is well


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