[Advaita-l] mind and intellect and space they occupy.

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Mon Nov 5 12:52:22 CST 2012

//mind lives in the subtle part of the physical heart andintellect in the subtle part of the physical brain.//
As per the saMpradAya, the seat of antaHkaraNa is hridaya sthAna.  And with the removal of theknot called *chit-jaDa-granthi*, knowledge dawns.
In other words does the subtle body exist as an aura in the same spaceas the physical body???????
Yes.  Our sthUla sarira does exist around us in the form of “jyoti”at an expanse of 12 inches around us.  The jyotirvidyA of maNDala brAhmaNa upaniSad teaches how to visualize this.There are 2 lakshyAs : one is bahir lakSya and the other isantar lakSya.  The bahir-lakSya sAdhana enables the sAdhakato visualize his own subtle aspect.  
Infact, one can go to the extent of deciding how much *chitta-shuddhi*one has achieved by visualizing the dazzling light called jyOtir-darshana.As one advances in this sAdhana, the light starts emanating like the head-light of a motorcycle so much so thatone starts getting dazed in meditation.  
Another method of higher meditation is *chAyA puruSa vidya*which is a technique of visualizing and gazing one’s own shadow in the sunlight.  As one advances in the trATaka abhyAsa,one is able to fix the stead gaze on the shadow for hours together.Now, this gets matured and he would be able to see his own shadoweven in the absence of the sunlight and can project his own shadow in thin air.  He can visualize his own shadow as 2 layers where the outer layer is his own subtle body and the inner layer denotesthe subtle principle of that subtle body.  
This is a technique of detaching oneself from the physical sheathand one can observe one’s own physical sheath by identifyinghimself with the shadow called *chAyA puruSa*.  
In jyOtiSya shAstra, with this *chAyA puruSa siddhi*, one canforetell the future incidents and can also know about theexact time and date of one’s own death.  
The self I have heard is the size of the thumb and exists in the samespace as the physical body???????
Yes. True.  anguSTa pramANa puruSa is the measurement in daharAkAsa.

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