[Advaita-l] mind and intellect - Thank you for answer.

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NAmaskaram and thank you to Venkata sriram P for explaining the space the
sukshma sarira occupies so well. I am much enlightenned.

Hari om,
Vijaya Kambhampati.

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> //mind lives in the subtle part of the physical heart andintellect in the
> subtle part of the physical brain.//
> As per the saMpradAya, the seat of antaHkaraNa?is hridaya sthAna. ?And
> with the removal of theknot called *chit-jaDa-granthi*, knowledge dawns.
> ///
> In other words does the subtle body exist as an aura in the same spaceas
> the physical body???????
> //
> Yes. ?Our sthUla sarira does exist around us in the form of ?jyoti?at an
> expanse of 12 inches around us. ?The jyotirvidyA of?maNDala brAhmaNa
> upaniSad teaches how to visualize this.There are 2 lakshyAs : one is bahir
> lakSya and the other isantar lakSya. ?The bahir-lakSya sAdhana enables the
> sAdhakato visualize his own subtle aspect. ?
> Infact, one can go to the extent of deciding how much *chitta-shuddhi*one
> has achieved by visualizing the dazzling light called jyOtir-darshana.As
> one advances in this sAdhana, the light starts emanating?like the
> head-light of a motorcycle so much so thatone starts getting dazed in
> meditation. ?
> Another method of higher meditation is *chAyA puruSa vidya*which is a
> technique of visualizing and gazing one?s own?shadow in the sunlight. ?As
> one advances in the trATaka abhyAsa,one is able to fix the stead gaze on
> the shadow for hours together.Now, this gets matured and he would be able
> to see his own shadoweven in the absence of the sunlight and can project
> his own shadow?in thin air. ?He can visualize his own shadow as 2 layers
> where?the outer layer is his own subtle body and the inner layer denotesthe
> subtle principle of that subtle body. ?
> This is a technique of detaching oneself from the physical sheathand one
> can observe one?s own physical sheath by identifyinghimself with the shadow
> called *chAyA puruSa*. ?
> In jyOtiSya shAstra, with this *chAyA puruSa siddhi*, one canforetell the
> future incidents and can also know about theexact time and date of one?s
> own death. ?
> ///
> The self I have heard is the size of the thumb and exists in the samespace
> as the physical body???????
> //
> Yes. True. ?anguSTa pramANa puruSa is the measurement in daharAkAsa.
> Regs,Sriram

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