[Advaita-l] Bhagavad GIta - 745 Verses

Varadaraja Sharma rishyasrunga at rediffmail.com
Thu Nov 15 06:06:17 CST 2012

Radhe Krishna

""Actually, I am curious where the mahAbhArata verses are to be found, which specify the total number of verses in the gItA as well as individual counts for the various speakers.""

I remember long back there was some discussion on same topic between Sh.Vidyasankar and Sh.Siva Senani Nori. I searched our archives.  May please go through.


The discussion may not completely address the queries raised by Sh.Vidyasankar.  But still one find related discussion.

I vaguely remember Sh.Siva Senani Nori had further discussions on Abhinava Gupta's commentary. May be, one should go for a refined search of archives.  

Perhaps Sh.Siva Senani Nori garu may throw light on the issue.

Radhe Krishna

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